How do I update the firmware for the FCO card on a NEO?

Version 2

    Cause: The firmware is outdated.


    Solution: To update the firmware for the FCO card, perform the following steps to flash the Loader and firmware.


    1. Turn off the controller.


    2. Run a terminal program (such as HyperTerminal), and connect it to the serial port.


    3. After the terminal program is ready, hold down the space bar.


    4. While pressing the space bar, turn on the controller.


    5. Wait for the loader menu to appear. It looks like the following:




        Local Memory Test Passed

        Configuration Okay

        Flash Loader

        Select Protocol

        1. Fast Binary

        2. Kermit

        3. Xmodem

        4. Run Diagnostics

        5. Run Bridges

        6. Utility Menu

        X. Reboot


    6. Choose the Kermit or XMODEM option.


    7. Instruct the terminal program to transfer the appropriate file. If the version downloaded is newer than the current version, start with the Loader, and then proceed to the firmware. (In HyperTerminal, click Transfer > Send File, and then browse for the firmware on the drive.)


    IMPORTANT: Do NOT interrupt power during the download process.


    After the transfer is complete, the controller will display progress information during the flash process. After the flash process is finished, the controller will restart.