What are some common uses for a Snap OS base server?

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    What are some common uses for a Snap OS base server?

    NOTE:This information is not Operating System specific




    Snap Servers are designed for organizations with small- and medium-sized networks. Small businesses, departmental workgroups, remote offices, or any business that needs additional file storage or file sharing will benefit. Snap Servers provide storage for all kinds of files, including office automation, graphics and image files, multimedia files, Web download, and CAD files. Below are some typical applications.

    General purpose storage: for small businesses, remote offices, and corporate workgroups

    First server: add shared file space to peer-to-peer networks.

    Distributed storage server: improve network performance by distributing storage and isolating network traffic in high-traffic departments.

    High-performance data protection and backup server: using remote mirroring software, file synchronization software and popular backup packages

    Software distribution server: distribute software across networks using utilities like Symantec's Ghost, or PowerQuest's Drive Image Professional.

    Portable server: simply take it with you

    Temporary storage server: use for high-speed, short-life backups when staging systems,or downloading large files from the Internet

    Personal storage: use as your own personal server, store sensitive files away from the main system, or even secure the whole server in a safe when not in use.