Disks show as foreign disks in Windows

Version 1


    All externally attached disks show as foreign disks within windows. This problem usually happens after rebuilding a server or attaching Dynamic Disks from one server to another server.



    You may safely reserve all the data on it by importing the foreign disk on the OS. These steps are outlined from Microsoft tech database site. You should also if the Ultamus is connected via a switch see it from another server our workstation.



    1. Make sure the Overland device is up and running, LUN(s) presented


    2. Boot the Windows Server .


    3. Launch Disk Management snap-in by running diskmgmt.msc


    4. You may find disks show as Dynamic Foreign disk in the Disk management console,


    5. Right-click on one the Disks and select "Import Foreign Disk..."


    6. Please verify that the disks show in the disk group after you click on Disks button


    7. Click OK, it will pop up a dialog box which shows the volume.


    8. Click OK.


    For more detail. Please see Microsoft Knowledgebase article # 222189