Unable to import all domain users to a Snap Server (SnapOS)

Version 1

    Unable to import all domain users to a Snap Server (SnapOS) using SNAP OS version 4.0.860 or below.

    ---Solution--- If the Snap Server (SnapOS) is to be part of a large domain (more than 2000 users), you must use the Assist utility to import domain users and groups. Assist utility is included on the SNAP OS version 4.0.860 CD. A Snap server running SnapOS 4.0.860 can not natively import more than 2000 objects.  To work around this limitation, you must use Snap Assist to import your Domain users and groups. The SNAP OS 4.0.860 CD can be downloaded for free here: http://ftp.overlandstorage.com/cm/tmp0001/adaptec/hitch/SnapOS_4_0_860.exe Once downloaded, doubleclick on the file to extract the contents. Within the CD you will find a folder called SnapAssist. This Utility must be used if there if this is a large Domain.

    --Limitations-- -- SNAP OS 4.0.860 is a discontinued OS and is presented "as-is".  Telephone support is no longer available for this product. -- Assist utility has been tested and is known to work with Windows 2000 and Windows 2003.  It has not been fully tested with Windows 2008 or higher. No other utility is available nor will there be any further development on SNAP OS 4.0.860 and below.