Backup Express backup fails with error 1121 TMM TIMED OUT

Version 1

    Using Backup Express the backup fails with the following message:


    1121 TMM TIMED OUT (This is under Tape Mount Manager Messages)


    This information applies to the following Product(s):
    - Snap Server


    This information applies to the following Operating System(s):
    - This information is not Operating System specific ---Solution--- EXPLANATION:  This message signals a timeout of the Tape Mount Manager.


    Assuming the drive is otherwise functioning normally...


    This command will change the tape manager timeout values to try to help a library\'s long load and unload times.


    Run from Guardian\'s debug console... To access the debug console
    This will give us a command line where we can enter the following commands...


    Copy the original file...
    cp /var/backex/bin/sstptmm /var/backex/bin/sstptmm.orig


    Replace the contents of the file
    echo exec ./tptmm -NLIFREADERR -t 45 -r 6 > /var/backex/bin/sstptmm


    This command will restart BEX (or just reboot)
    /var/backex/misc/S95BackEx start