Procedure to recover a 14000 stuck waiting for update following an upgrade to Guardian OS 2.5 or 2.6.

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    Procedure to recover a 14000 stuck waiting for update following an upgrade to 2.5 or 2.6.


    This information applies to the following Product(s):
    - Snap Server 14000


    This information applies to the following Operating System(s):
    - This information is not Operating System specific ---Solution--- Under rare circumstances, upgrading a 14000 to Guardian OS 2.5 or 2.6 may corrupt the system flash. A corrupted system flash may result in boot failure. The LCD may display the following message shortly after the server is turned on.


    I AM


    In order to regain network access to the server, the system flash must be rewritten.


    Note: If the IP address does not read, reset the IP address using the following procedure before proceeding.


    1. Turn off the server.
    2. Turn on the server with the center button held down.
    3. Release the center button and press it again when the LCD reads Clear IP Address?
    4. The server will reboot automatically.
    5. Confirm the LCD reads I am shortly.


    The necessary files must be obtained before proceeding. The files are available for download from the password protected site.


    Steps to rewrite the flash.


    1) Create a folder and save the files snapup32.exe (utility to write the flash) and opus400.hex (the flash image file) to a folder. (i.e. C:\14000)


    2) Start to a command prompt and run \?SNAPUP32 -B\? without the quotes (i.e. C:\14000\SNAPUP32 -B)


    3) Browse to the opus400.hex file and click on Update.


    4) The LCD should display Accept update from x.x.x.x. (This will take about 10-15 minutes.)


    5) Shortly after the snapup32 completes, the LCD should display \?Burning OS Please Wait?\? (This will take about 30-45 minutes.)


    6) The server should reboot automatically when the process completes. If the LCD reads running on RAMDISK after boot, reboot the server once more by turning it off and on with the power button.