How to initiate the resync of a degraded array on a Snap Server running SNAP OS

Version 1

    The SNAP Server running SNAP OS has lost a drive. After contacting Tech Support, a replacement drive was sent and used to replace the defective disk. How can the rebuild of the array be initiated without losing the data on the drives and starting from scratch?


    This information is not Operating System specific




    1) The new disk will be formated in Snap 4000's or 4100's when powered back on automatically. On the 12000 it is not necessary to power it down, the new disk will be formatted when hot inserted automatically.

    2) Once the new disk has been formatted it needs to be configured. In Disk Utilties select Configure Disks->Create a Disk Configuration then Spare. The Spare window displays which drive is available for reconfiguration. Select the newly installed drive and click Next. The Snap Server then will start the resync automatically and rebuild the raid. The process will take up around one to two hours depending on how much data is on the disks.