FTP and FTPS not working port 21 does not respond Snap GOS 5.2

Version 1

    FTP and FTPS are not working.  Port 21 does not respond to FTP, Telnet or Port scans.  Disable/Reenable of service does not resolve.  /etc/xinitd.d/ftpd config file is empty.  After  repopulating this file and Disable/Reenable of FTP service FTP functions properly.



    # default: off

    # description: The kerberized FTP server accepts FTP connections \

    #              that can be authenticated with Kerberos 5.

    service ftp


            flags           = REUSE

            socket_type     = stream

            wait            = no

            user            = root

            server          = /usr/sbin/ftpd

            server_args     = -n

            log_on_failure  += USERID

            disable         = no

            instances       = 128