Creating a new support request to be submitted via email.

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    How do I submit a new product support request via email?



    When submitting a support request to Overland Storage, it is important to supply as much detail as possible. There are 4 sections to an email submitted ticket. When creating a new ticket please provide as much detail as possible.


    Section 1) The “To” field:


    Section 2) The "Subject" field: Please provide a detailed description of your problem in the subject. The more detail, the easier it is for the Overland Support Team to quickly diagnose your problem.


    Section 3) The "Body" field: In the body of the message, please include a very detailed description of the problem you are experiencing and any troubleshooting steps that have been taken to date. Also, please indicate the best contact number to reach you at, days of the week when you will be available and times that you will be available.


    Section 4) The "Attachment" field: When submitting a support request please include a syswrapper so that support can immediately begin to look into your problem before calling you back.