Snap Customer's  TSID

Version 1

    WHAT is a TSID?

    A Technical Support Identification Number (TSID) is a 12 digit number included with Snap products. Please have this number available when contacting Technical Support.


    Why is the TSID important?

    The TSID helps us provide more efficient service to you by accurately identifying your product and support status. Your call to Technical Support will be routed in our phone menu, based on your TSID.



    Where can I find the TSID?

    The 12-digit TSID number can be found on the white label included in the box with your product. See the sample TSID label below. If you purchased and downloaded a Snap software product , you would have received a confirmation E-mail with your TSID and Serial Number. In the E-mail, your TSID number is identified as an Unlock Code.



    What if I don't have my TSID number?

    If you do not have your TSID number, but have your Serial Number, visit our Registration page to register your product and receive your TSID, before contacting Technical Support. The Serial Number can be found directly on your product.