Setting User Rights And Permissions On The SnapServer

Version 2

    Is there a way to set permissions on folders on the SnapServers to disallow people from deleting folders


    This information is not Operating System specific




    Normally at the Share level full control is given and in file/folder security at the folder for the root of the share permissions are read only. Access permissions to any files & folders in here will be given as needed. Again use actual Domain accounts.


    You may need to select "Apply this folder's access permissions to all sub-files and folders" depending on access needed further down the directory structure.


    Setting Share Permissions:

    1. From the Snaps main "Administration" page select "Security".

    2. In "Security" select "Network Shares".

    3. Highlight the share name and click on "Access".


    Setting File/Folder Permissions:

    From the Snaps main "Administration" page select "Security".

    1. In "Security" select "File/Folder Security".

    2. Select "Set File/Folder Security"

    3. Select the share you're working on

    4. Click on the top middle Key icon (folder for the root of the share).

       Note since you're in a Domain use your Domain user names and groups. Don't rely on the Snap's EVERYONE.

    5. Have your users test access by logging out and then back in to re-authenticate.


    Here are the permission settings for file and folder security:

    No Access denies the user(s) access to the files or folders.

    Read lets the user(s) read files but make no changes.

    Add lets user(s) add files to the folder, but not delete, read, or change files.

    Change lets user(s) make changes to existing files and folders, but not delete them or create new ones.

    Full Control gives user(s) full permission to read, write, add, and delete files and folders.

    Write gives user write-only access to files and folders.

    Read-Write gives users read and write access to files and folders. Users cannot delete the files or folders