Updating SnapServers With Latest Active Directory Fixes From Microsoft

Version 1

    Microsoft provides regular updates to ADS, how does the SnapServer (GuardianOS) keep up ?


    This information is not Operating System specific




    We have tested our product with all of the ADS enabled clients. Most of the updates to ADS are to fix various bugs in their implementation of the ADS server or client. These bugs and the subsequent fixes will not, for the most part, change the ADS implementation on the network ('wire').


    One of the reasons that the 'wire' view of ADS doesn't change is because the authentication is done via Kerberos v5, which is a standard protocol that is outside of the scope of ADS itself.  Therefore, Microsoft must adhere to this standard on the wire and it is not expected to change with any of these updates.  In addition, Microsoft cannot afford to implement a fix on the server or client side that will break their own compatibility between the client and the server.  Therefore, most of the updates don't impact our product.  However, we do retest the latest updates to all of the Windows platforms for each release and fix any bugs that we find.