How to set security on individual files or folders ?

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    How to set security on individual files or folders?


    This information is not Operating System specific




    The option to set file/folder security was introduced in SnapOS version 3.0. File/folder security is designed to be managed from the web interface. To set security on files/folders:


    1. Navigate to the Security menu from the main Administration page.

    2. Follow the links to File/Folder Security>>Set File/Folder Security.

    3. Select the share to specify access permissions and ownership for files and folders underneath. The list of files and folders will be displayed.


    Normally at the Share level full control is given and in file/folder security at the folder for the root of the share permissions are read only. Access permissions to any sub files & folders will be given as needed. Use actual Domain or Netware accounts if not in a Workgroup and using Local Users.


    You may need to select "Apply this folder's access permissions to all sub-files and folders" depending on access needed further down the directory structure.


    Have your users test access by logging out and then back in to re-authenticate.


    You can also click on the Help icon on the upper right corner to display the legend and options available.