SnapServer Software Downloads

Version 1

    For full release software downloads you must have a current Software Maintenance and Support entitlement on your SnapServer.


    1) Log in to the Overland Storage support portal at:


    2) Under "My Products" click on the button "Manage Products"


    3) From the "Product Selector" drop down menu, select the product that you wish to download software for (ie "SNAP SERVER 520 1TB 2.2GHz"


    4) Under the "Product" pane, click on the button labeled “Available Downloads"


    5) From the drop down menu, "Select your operating system or file type", select the option for the product you wish to download software for (ie "GuardianOS"


    6) Locate the version of the software that you wish to download and click the "+" sign to expand the option


    7) Select the type of download you wish to initiate http or ftp


    8) Read carefully the Software Agreement and if you agree to the terms select the "Yes" radio button at the bottom of the page


    9) Select a location to save the download to