How to delete unneeded backup files that have been created with Datakeeper

Version 1

    The SnapServer is full, backing up with DataKeeper. Is there a way to identfy and delete  unneeded files


    DataKeeper provides the name, date and size of the files, but no way to delete.  Windows Explorer will delete them, but it doesn't tell anything about the files


    This information applies to: Windows Millennium Edition (ME),Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows 98, Windows 95c, Windows 95b, Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows NT 4.0




    DataKeeper stores files on the Snap Server in the following format: [b]filename.extension.pva?.dfb[/b]


    The ? is replaced with a letter indicating the version of the file starting with "<b>a</b>" as the first version of the file.



    1. file.doc.pva<b>a</b>.dfb
    2. file.doc.pva<b>b</b>.dfb</li>


    You see two files with similar names. If there is a version that is not needed, it may be deleted from Explorer. This will free up space and the file will no longer be available for restore after it is deleted.


    You can also try deleting the entire folder and doing a fresh backup.