How to copy data from Windows to the SnapServer

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    How to copy data from Windows to the SnapServer


    This information applies to the following Operating System(s:

    - Windows Millennium Edition (ME)

    - Windows 9x

    - Windows 98 Second Edition

    - Windows 98

    - Windows 95c

    - Windows 95b

    - Windows 95a

    - Windows 95

    - Windows XP

    - Windows Server 2003

    - Windows 2000

    - Windows 2000 Professional

    - Windows 2000 Server

    - Windows 2000 Advanced Server

    - Windows 2000 Datacenter

    - Windows NT 4.0




    The Snapserver is a network-attached storage (NAS) device dedicated to file storage. The Snapserver emulates various file services including Windows, Apple, Netware, and UNIX. Since the Snapserver emulates a Windows server, a Windows system may use its native method of copying data to the Snapserver. A Windows system can simply map a drive to the Snap server and copy data via drag and drop in Windows Explorer.


    Various methods for mapping a network drive can be found in this Microsoft Knowledge Base article:;en-us;308582