How to create a Secure Password for the GuardianOS

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    How to create a Secure Password for the GuardianOS





    To change your password, access System -> General in the GuardianOS WebUI.


    Do not base your password on a word. Programs used to crack passwords work by taking strings of characters, encrypting them, and then comparing the encrypted text against your password in encrypted form. These programs randomly generate permutations of words, jargon, slang, and acronyms in its dictionary.


    To create a secure password, create a private acronym from a personal phrase you can easily remember. For example, for the phrase Change Your Password Every Three Months use Cype3m. Try to include a number and vary capitalization in a way you can remember.


    To keep your password secure. Don't reveal the password to anyone. Don't write your password down.

    If you suspect someone else might know your password, change it immediately. Do not use the same password on all your SnapServers.