How does EDR handle database files?

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    How does EDR sync database files such as Exchange, SQL among others


    This information is not Operating System specific




    EDR supports backing up Exchange and SQL databases natively using the Consolidated Backup solution.  Exchange is backed up using the NTBACKUP command, and SQL is backed up using the ISQL command.  In both cases, a file is created on the source machine (an NTBACKUP file for Exchange and a database dump / export for SQL) which is transferred to the target. After a successful transfer, the file is removed from the source.


    For other databases or open files, we recommend one of the following:

    1. If your source directory supports it, transfer the files from a "snapshot". For example, the Volume Shadow Copy Service is available from Microsoft for Windows 2003, which allows you to create a point-in-time copy of your source data.  You can then transfer from this copy without fear of the data being modified.

    2. Use an open file manager, such as St Bernard's OFM.  The EDR agents are qualified for use with St Bernard OFM. The agents are listed with St Bernard as the Mobilize branded agents, but EDR agents will still operate as expected.


    More information on St Bernard Open File Manager can be found at Link not valid

    More information on Volume Shadow Copy Service can be found on Microsoft's Download Center at