How to make use of all available RAID space for a volume?

Version 1

    By default Guardian OS servers are shipped with 20% of the pre-configured RAID space allocated to the Snapshot Pool. The steps below explain how to re-allocate space from the Snapshot Pool to an existing volume if Snapshot is not in future plans.


    This information applies to: SnapServer 4200, SnapServer 4400, SnapServer 4500, SnapServer 14000, SnapServer 15000, SnapServer 18000, SnapServer 510, SnapServer 520,SnapServer 550, SnapServer 650


    This information is not Operating System specific




    1. Navigate to the Storage >> Snapshots page and click on the adjust snapshot space link.

    2. Input 0 MB snapshot space for the RAID and click on the Save button.

    3. Navigate to the Storage >> RAID Sets page and make note of the RAID size.

    4. Navigate to the Storage >> Volumes page and select the volume in the RAID set.

    5. Input the RAID size noted in step 3. (Note: Do not use decimals.)

    6. Click on Save.

    7. The page should now display the current volume size and any unallocated space remaining on RAID Set in MB.

    8. Add the volume size and unallocated space remaining in MB.

    9. Input the sum in MB in the size field and click save.<

    10. Confirm the page reports Unallocated space remaining on RAID Set reports 0 MB.