How to specify the domain controller for domain authentication (Windows NT 4.0 Server)

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    How to specify the domain controller for domain authentication.


    This information applies to:  SnapServer 1000, SnapServer 1100, SnapServer 2000, SnapServer 2200, SnapServer 4000, SnapServer 4100,  SnapServer 12000


    This information applies to Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server




    The SnapServer can use either the PDC or the BDC to authenticate domain users. The system must be configured to use Windows domain security prior to following the steps below.



    Point the browser to the http://snapxxxxxx/config/debug page and enter the following commands in the following format:

    - hosts [DOMAIN-NAME]

    - machine [PDC/BDC NAME] click ok

    - hosts [DOMAIN-NAME]

    - IP [PDC/BDC IP ADDRESS] click ok


      - DOMAIN-NAME is the NetBIOS name of the Windows domain

      - PDC/BDC NAME is the computer name of the primary domain controller or backup domain controller

      - PDC/BDC IP ADDRESS is the TCP/IP address of the machine referenced by the machine-name parameter


    After issuing the commands, the SnapServer must be rebooted for changes to take effect. Type in reboot in the command line or select Server Settings/Server Restart at the main administration page.