How to set Windows file & folder permissions on a SnapServer share

Version 1

    I'm trying to propagate file/folder permissions down my directory structure for data on a SnapServer running GuardianOS.  From a Windows system (Properties > Security > Advanced), after checking "Reset permissions on all child objects and enable propagation of inheritable permissions", the permissions are not propagated to all the data objects.


    This information applies to: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0




    When setting permissions from the Properties > Security tab on a Windows 2000 PC, the permissions will only propagate down one directory level.  As a workaround, propagation can be accomplished by performing the propagation using a PC running Windows NT 4.0 or a PC running Windows XP.  Note that the Windows XP PC must be joined to a domain to access the Properties>Security tab.