RAID implementation best practices for SnapServer

Version 1

    What is the best way to configure the RAID in order to ensure a higher level of performance, reliability, and fault tolerance?




    - RAID5 arrays provide the best balance of capacity, performance, and protection on SnapServers with more than 4 drives.

    - Keep the number of drives in a RAID to 8 drives or less. Having more than 8 drives in a RAID5 array would yield more capacity. But protection and performance will be reduced considerably.

    - Keep the drives of a RAID within the same unit. In other words, do not create a RAID that consists of drives from an expansion unit with drives from the head unit. This adds another potential point of failure.

    - If the goal is to create a large volume, group the RAIDs.

    - Assign spares drives for RAIDs. Drives configured as spares can automatically rebuild a degraded RAID without delay and user intervention.