How to set Windows permissions on a Guardian OS powered SnapServer while in Workgroup mode

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    How do I set Windows permissions on a Guardian OS powered Snap Server while in Workgroup mode?



    There are several steps required in order to set up and maintain file system security on your Snap server when it is in a workgroup.


    The first step is to create users and, if appropriate, groups for your users on the Snap server.


    You can find detailed directions on how to accomplish this task in your Admin guide, so we will not be covering this information in this document.


    Next you will need make sure that you have disabled the view option for simple file sharing: 


    Open up the 'My Computer' icon either on your desktop or under your start menu.

    Select 'Folder Options' from the drop down menu item 'Tools'.

    Click on the 'View' tab.

    Scroll to the bottom of this list and uncheck the box next to 'Use simple file sharing (Recommended).'


    Next you will need to Map a drive as the Snap Admin account.


    Under the menu item 'Tools' in the 'My Computer' window, select the option for 'Map Network Drive'.


    In the 'Folder:' line, enter in: \\YourSnapServer\Sharename


    Replace 'YourSnapServer' with the name or IP address of your Snap server, and replace 'Sharename' with the name of the share to which you wish to connect.


    Next, click the link in the line 'Connect using a different user name.'


    Enter in the Snap Admin account and password, and click OK.


    Then click 'Finish'.


    At this point you should have a drive mapped to the Snap server.


    Open up the drive and select the file or folder which you wish to add permissions to.


    Right click on the file or folder and select 'properties' from the menu, then click on the 'Security' tab in order to bring it to the foreground.


    You should now see a list of the users with rights to this particular file or folder along with what permissions they have.


    Click on the 'Add' button.


    In the box, enter in the name of the Snap local group or user account you wish to add to this file or folder.


    Click 'Ok'


    At this point, the Snap server will prompt you for an account with authorization to apply the changes. 


    You will need to put in the following account:




    Replace 'YourWindowsWorkstation' with the name of the workstation that you are working on, and replace 'admin' with the name of the local Snap Admin account.


    Use the Snap Admin password.


    At this point, the account should be added into the list of users and groups with default Windows options and you can adjust these as necessary.


    Please refer to your Windows documentation on what the various permissions settings mean.


    Please note:


    Guardian OS 5.1 and earlier only support setting permissions from Windows 32-bit operating systems.  64-Bit versions will not display the dialogue boxes for Security.


    In order to set permissions for a 64-Bit version of Windows you will need to upgrade to Guardian OS 5.2 or later.


    If you are unable to set permissions, make sure you can ping the Snap server by name from your Windows workstation, and that the Snap server can ping the Windows workstation by name as well.  If you cannot, then you will need to set host file entries.


    You can set Host entries on the Snap server by going to Maintenance -> Host file editor

    in the Snap Server User Interface and adding in the name and IP address in the appropriate fields.


    Windows Host files are located in your Windows installation directory, typically:




    The default file contains directions for adding new entries and can be edited with notepad.


    If you still are unable to set permisions please contact Technical Support for Assistance.