Files that are backed up with ARCserve 6.x are truncated to eight Characters

Version 1

    The SnapServer files are backed up with ARCserve 6.x. Although the files on the Snap Server are backed up, the file and folder names are truncated to eight characters. Files on the Novell/Microsoft server are not truncated by ARCserve. How can the full (long) file names be backed up by ARCserve?


    This information applies to the following Product(s: SnapServer 1000, SnapServer 1100, SnapServer 2000, SnapServer 2200, SnapServer 4000, Snap Server 4100, SnapServer 4200, SnapServer 4400, SnapServer 4500, SnapServer 12000, SnapServer 14000, SnapServer 15000, SnapServer 18000.

    This information is not Operating System specific.




    The truncation is only visual, limited by the display. The software shows the name as truncated, but when the files that have been backed up are restored again, the long file names should indeed be there. If the files fail to restore with full long file names, please contact TechSupport to determine the nature of the problem.