Using SnapServer To Store Ghost Images

Version 1

    Is it possible to use Symantec Ghost to make and restore images of Windows servers, workstations, etc. on the SnapServer?


    This information applies to the following Product(s:

    -SnapServer 1000

    -SnapServer 2000

    -SnapServer 2200

    -SnapServer 4000

    -SnapServer 4100

    -SnapServer 4200

    -SnapServer 4400

    -SnapServer 4500

    -SnapServer 12000

    -SnapServer 14000

    -SnapServer 15000

    -SnapServer 18000


    This information is not Operating System specific.




    This link takes you to Symantec's Knowledge Base for help in creating boot disks for Microsoft and Novell: <a href="

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