Executing uagentsetup fails after installing ARCserve Backup 11 agent

Version 1

    Following instructions in the Administration guide to install ARCserve Backup 11 agent, executing ./uagentsetup in step 9 displays several blank lines and returns to the shell


    This information is not Operating System specific.




    The instructions in the GuardianOS v4.3 Administrator Guide are not complete for installing the ARCserve Backup 11 agent. [b]The instructions incorrectly states to install two rpm files in step # 7[/b].


    There should be three rpm files to install. The instructions missed the step to install the babcmagt.rpm file.


    For step # 7, enter the following commands at the prompt to install the required agent files.


    rpm --nodeps -Uvh babagtux.rpm

    rpm --nodeps -Uvh *lic*.rpm

    rpm --nodeps -Uvh babcmagt.rpm


    In step 9, running the ./uagentsetup command should return the message below


    sh-2.04# ./uagentsetup

    Configuring uagent...

    opt/CA/BABuagent/uagent: ipcs: command not found

    BrightStor ARCserve Backup Client Agent is enabled and running.