Five minute disconnect warning on MAC clients

Version 1

    Five minute disconnect warning on MAC clients




    On Guardian OS 2.6 and below, changes to a share causes the AFP protocol to restart. The MAC users will be presented with a message stating that the server (Guardian OS) will restart in 5 minutes, giving them time to save any work they may have open and have not recently saved.


    Beginning with the Guardian OS 3.0 release, the shutdown-for-maintenance message is now selectively sent to clients that are directly affected by changes in share or share access rights: The client will receive the warning message under the following scenarios:

    1) deleting a share that the client is currently connected to

    2) changing share access list such that the user has no access to the share any more

    3) restricting the user share access from read-write to read only. 


    Note that changing user's access from read-only to read-write will not trigger a shutdown message to that user.<br>