MDTM Errors Using WS_FTP On A Snap Server

Version 1

    MDTM error message received when using WS_FTP Pro to connect to a Snap Server (GuardianOS).




    MDTM stands for Month, Day and Time Marking. If you select Preserve file time on transfer..., WS_FTP Pro will always preserve the date on downloads. However, it will only attempt to preserve the date and time on uploads.


    The SnapServer (GuardianOS) does not store different "create" and "modify" times. Newly copied files will show the same date and time for both the create date/time and the modify date/time. Using WS_FTP Pro, you will get an "MTDM" error when you upload files to the site. Note, however, that the files will transfer correctly with updated timestamps from the Snap Server. (The "MTDM" error is not serious, even though it displays in red.)