Creation Time And Date Change After Modifying Word or Excel Documents On The Snap Share

Version 1

    After changing data on a Microsoft Excel or Word document on a SnapServer Share and then viewing these files via Windows Explorer, one notices that the creation date changed to the modification date.




    When using any version of the Guardian OS this is the intended behavior.


    A UNIX file system stores three dates per file (create date, modified date and access date). Only the modified date and access date are controllable by an application.


    An NTFS file system stores four dates (create date, modified date, write date and access date). All four can be modified by an application. It is not possible to emulate NT behavior 100% of the time with only two dates.


    Samba makes a best effort, prioritizing the settings that are needed for applications to work correctly. Until we extend the XFS file system to have all four date fields this is the best that can be done.