How to perform a FRESH INSTALL on a SnapServer

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    How to perform a FRESH INSTALL on a SnapServer


    WARNING:  Fresh Installing will erase all configurations and all data, resetting the system to factory defaults with an uninitialized RAID array.


    If you have an Snap Expansion unit(s) attached to your Snap Server, you can preserve data on your expansion unit(s) by disconnecting the SAS cables prior to Fresh Installing.  This must be done with all units powered OFF.  If you leave the SAS cables attached any Snap Expansions will also be erased and their RAID array deleted.




    Steps to perform a FRESH INSTALL on the SnapServer.


    For Guardian OS and later navigate to:


    Then follow the menus


    For all other versions:


    Navigate to the DEBUG CONSOLE window (http://YourSnapServerName/sadmin/debug.cgi)


    Enter the following command in the text field:

    touch /nopivot


    Press return

    It will return a line


    Reboot the SnapServer (Maintenance>Shutdown or Reboot)


    Upon Reboot, the server will come up to Recovery Console in your web browser.

    Recovery Console is indicated by the System LED alternating between amber and green. 


    In order to connect to the Snap Server in Recovery, the system you are connecting from should be on the same subnet, as the Snap Server will have no route table while in Recovery mode.  Additionally, only ethernet port 1 will be active.  If the system has a static IP address, it will retain the IP.  If the system has a DHCP address, depending on the lease time it may retain this address or it may default.  In recovery the system will default to with a subnet mask of  

    You may also use a serial cable to connect and issue the command: ifconfig eth0 to discover the IP address. 


    At the RECOVERY CONSOLE screen, browse to your OS image (Recommended that this file be local on your workstation).  Note: You should only use the same version as is currently installed, unless otherwise directed by technical support.


    Select "FRESH INSTALL"


    Follow the prompts on the screen.



    The whole operation may take 10 minutes or more. Please be patient.