Reset button behavior on GuardianOS base servers.

Version 1

    What does the reset button do on GuardianOS servers?




    The purpose of the reset button to allow the administrator to clear system settings to factory defaults. The button is designed to be pushed while the server is up and running normally. When pushed, the server will go through a shutdown process and restart. See the Administrator Guide to locate the reset button specific to your server model. The behavior of the reset button differs between software versions.


    For servers running software version 2.6.050 and below, the reset button will cause the server to reboot in recovery mode. Once the server has successfully into recovery mode (this will be indicated by an alternating green and amber system LED), the administrator may connect to the server via HTTP to choose the settings to reset.


    For servers running software version 3.0.099 and higher, the reset button functionality on Guardian OS servers do the following:

    -- Reset TCP/IP settings to DHCP

    -- Reset servername to SNAP<server number

    -- Reset bonding to standalone if configured for bonding

    -- Re-enable HTTP access if disabled<br>Reset speed/duplex settings to auto<br>Reset the Administrator password to admin<br>Perform a normal boot (instead of boot to recovery mode)