Terminal server users encountering problems access shares on the SnapServer

Version 1

    When Terminal Server users are trying to access the Share on the SnapServer, they are occasionally getting error messages and sometimes cannot get to the Share at all.




    The cause of this problem lies in the fact that the Snap Server cannot interpret each of the resource threads generated by each of the Terminal User sessions on a terminal server. 


    Because of the way Terminal Services work, where each user is logged on to the same computer--the Terminal Server--and using the same resources on that computer, the rest of the network only sees that session by the Server and not the terminal. 


    The SnapServer in turn, can not differentiate which session on that Server is generating the request, be it the console session or the terminal session.  When there is a single user running on a single session on the terminal server, everything may function properly, however when multiple users are on the terminal server running multiple sessions, this may generate error behaviors.


    Unfortunately at this time, there is no solution to this issue and no support for SnapServers in Terminal Services environments.


    For GuardianOS based servers iSCSI is a solution.