Problems With NFS Case-Sensitive Folder Names On SnapServer

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    Article expires: 2008-05-18 01:00:00


    Is there any way to make the NFS version case sensitive (as NFS is)?  There are problems moving directory structures from UNIX boxes because some of the names collide and files get lost / overwritten.  This is a fairly severe limitation.<br><br><b>This information applies to the following Product(s):</b><br>
    - SnapServer 1000<br>

    - SnapServer 1100<br>

    - SnapServer 2000<br>

    - SnapServer 2200<br>

    - SnapServer 4000<br>

    - SnapServer 4100<br>

    - SnapServer 4200<br>

    - SnapServer 4400<br>

    - SnapServer 4500<br>

    - SnapServer 12000<br>

    - SnapServer 14000<br>

    - SnapServer 15000<br>

    - SnapServer 18000<br><br><b>


    This information applies to the following Operating System(s):</b><br>
    - Please list UNIX OSes!




    The SnapServer preserves case but is not case sensitive. This means that there cannot be two files or folders in the same directory with names differing only by case, such as FILE.TXT and file.txt. <p>
    The reason for this is to maintain cross compatibility with other operating systems that are not case sensitive.