The SnapServer not visible in Network Neighborhood.

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    The SnapServer not visible in Network Neighborhood.<br><br><b>This information applies to the following Product(s):</b><br>
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    This is a problem especially on small serverless networks. There must be an available communication method for the Snap Server to appear in Network Neighborhood. The user may not have NetBEUI configured on their workstation, and has not yet given the Snap Server an IP address with Assist.<br><br><br><br>There is no communication method available for the SnapServer if the user does not have NetBEUI or the NetWare client loaded until the SnapServer has an IP address. The user must run Assist to give the system an address that is appropriate for their network. Additionally, Network Neighborhood's browser tables can take several minutes to update when a new server is brought online. Try "Find Computer" from the Start menu with the Snap Server's default name of SnapXXXXX where the Xs represent the serial number for the Snap Server for faster results. SnapServers appear by default in the Workgroup called WORKGROUP, so this is the first place to check for the server.