Mac Clients Lose Connection Intermittently To SnapServer When It Is Updated

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    Article expires: 2008-05-18 01:00:00


    My Apple Mac connection to the SnapServer (GuardianOS) is reset when a Share is updated.<br><br><b>This information applies to the following Product(s):</b><br>

    - SnapServer 1000<br>

    - SnapServer 1100<br>

    - SnapServer 2000<br>

    - SnapServer 2200<br>

    - SnapServer 4000<br>

    - SnapServer 4100<br>

    - SnapServer 4200<br>

    - SnapServer 4400<br>

    - SnapServer 4500<br>

    - SnapServer 12000<br>

    - SnapServer 14000<br>

    - SnapServer 15000<br>

    - SnapServer 18000<br><br><b>


    This information applies to the following Operating System(s):</b><br>
    - Please list Mac OS here




    A Mac client connected to a SnapServer share will receive a message stating that the SnapServer will be going down in 5 minutes. This is because the AFP protocol needs to be restarted. Mac clients can simply reconnect to the share.