The SnapServer can't handle files or directories containing Japanese characters

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    Article expires: 2006-12-04 01:00:00


    The SnapServer cannot handle files or directories that contain Japanese characters in their name.<br><br>


    Most of Japanese characters seem to be OK, but I found if the file/directory contains some specific Japanese characters, Snap Server does not accept it.<br><br><br><b>


    This information applies to the following Product(s):</b><br>

    - SnapServer 1000<br>

    - SnapServer 1100<br>

    - SnapServer 2000<br>

    - SnapServer 2200<br>

    - SnapServer 4000<br>

    - SnapServer 4100<br>

    - SnapServer 4200<br>

    - SnapServer 4400<br>

    - SnapServer 4500<br>

    - SnapServer 12000<br>

    - SnapServer 14000<br>

    - SnapServer 15000<br>

    - SnapServer 18000<br><br><b>


    This information applies to the following Operating System(s):</b><br>
    - This information is not Operating System specific




    The US code for the Snap Server does not have support for Japanese characters.<br><br>The SnapServer supports one platform only.<br><br>The Japanese characters are supported only in our Japanese version 2.4 of the SnapOS. The Japanese version will only support the standard 127 Roman characters and all data will be lost with the OS conversion.