Is the Backup Exec 11d RALUS agent supported in GuardianOS 4.x?

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    Is the Backup Exec 11d RALUS agent supported in Guardian OS 4.x? <br><br>This information is not Operating System specific.<br><br>



    The Backup Exec 11d RALUS agent requires certain Linux modules that are not included in Guardian OS 4.x and it is <b><u>not</u></b>supported at this time. <br>What can you do now? According to the following document from Symantec, Backup Exec 11d does support backwards compatibility with some 10d agents however they will require the 11d agent licensing. Please contact a href>Symantec </a>for any licensing questions.


    Backup Exec 10.x (or previous) agents or options be used with the Backup Exec 11d core software?<br><br>
    Customers must purchase an upgrade for each agent/option/server of a previous version to move to 11d. <br><br>The reason we support previous version of some agents is to ease the physical migration of Backup Exec from one version to another. Some people call this "rolling upgrades". We wanted to provide a way for customer to upgrade to the latest version without having to physically replace all of their agents or media server (CASO).<br><br>Customers still need to input 11d serial numbers to activate remote agent/media servers installed from a previous version. The difference is what is installed versus what is licensed. If you have attempted to install the Backup Exec 11d RALUS agent, you will need to remove it prior to re-installing the 10d agent. The installation should have an uninstall script included that can be used to remove the agent. If your install has broken, and you do not have a script to remove the 11d agent, then you will need to perform a manual uninstall:<br><br>

    1. Enable SSH on your Snap server.<br>
    2. Connect to the Snap server over SSH and log in as an Admin user.<br>
    3. SU to root.<br>
    4. /etc/init.d/VRTSralus.init stop<br>
    5. cd /opt/VRTSralus/bin<br>
    6. Execute the VRTSralus.service-uninstall script to remove RALUS daemon initialization files.<br>
    7. Verify the following line is no longer present in /etc/inittab opt /VRTSralus/bin/VRTSralus.init<br>
    8. rm -r /etc/VRTSralus /opt/VRTS /opt/VRTSralus /opt/VRTSvxms /var/VRTSralus<br>


    Install the Backup Exec 10d RALUS agent following the directions found in the Admin guide on page 129. You can obtain the Backup Exec 10d RALUS agent from Symantec:

    Once you have installed the agent, run the uninstall script. This will be located under the linux folder in the directory in which you unpacked the agent gz file.
    The command to run the uninstall script is ./uninstallralus


    Now everything should be clean and you can install the RALUS 10d agent for the last time and configure as necessary.<br><br>
    IMPORTANT: This configuration has not been tested or verified by Overland Storage and is being provided as a courtesy only. Please note that the Backup Exec 10d agent is only supported under Guardian OS 4.2.054 or later.