SnapServer Administrator’s Guide For GuardianOS Version 6.5

Version 1

    This guide is intended for system and network administrators charged with installing and maintaining SnapServers running GuardianOS 6.5 on their network. We assume the administrator is  familiar with the basic concepts and tasks of multi-platform network administration.


    This guide provides information on the installation, configuration, security, and maintenance of SnapServers running GuardianOS 6.5. It also provides information on installing and using the following utilities and software components:

    • The Web Management Interface
    • SnapServer Manager (SSM)
    • VSS/VDS Hardware Provider
    • Computer Associates Antivirus (CA Antivirus)
    • Third-party backup agents

    GuardianOS 6.5 can be added as an upgrade to older SnapServer N2000, 650, 620, 550, 520, 510, 410, 210, or 110 systems.