Default reset file and folder permissions on GuardianOS SnapServer.

Version 1

    How to reset ACL back to default in GuardianOS SnapServer?




    To reset permissions to defaults:

    1. 1. Navigate to the web administration page.
    2. 2. Click Maintenance and Factory Defaults.
    3. 3. Select the radio button for Reset to default ACLs for volume.<
    4. 4. If more than one volume exists on the system, select the target volume.
    5. 5. Click OK.


    Resetting the ACLs restores the files and folders permissions on selected volumes to everyone full control. Essentially, all users with full access to a share within the volume will be able to access all directories and files after the reset.


    Note: Resetting the ACLs does not change the ownership of files and folders. To change the owner of files and folders after reset, use the standard Windows tool to take ownership.