GuardianOS SNMP enterprise OIDs

Version 1

    In SNMP, what constitutes a trap and what are the OIDs of enterprise specific traps?


    This information is not Operating System specific.




    SNMP Traps are sent base on the priority of a log message outputted to /flash/syslog.txt. The number within the   characters of a log message represents the priority number. Numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3 will generate a trap if configured. The priority number of a syslog message is set by the code/application that outputs the message. The code and applications in the GuardianOS is mainly from the open source Linux community and many do not have concrete documentation of messages generated. A complete list of all possible trap messages along with their explanations is unavailable.


    Our syslog-based traps are in the standard "enterpriseSpecific" OID, That is followed by the enterprise identifier, which is 795 (Adaptec's). After that are three more numbers: 2000, then the priority number of the syslog priority + 1000, followed by the binding number starting with 1.


    So, our syslog-based traps have the following enterpriseSpecific OID's:

    - loglevel 0 syslog messages ("emergency")

    - loglevel 1 syslog messages ("alert")

    - loglevel 2 syslog messages ("critical")

    - loglevel 3 syslog messages ("error")


    To complete the list, these are the standard OID's of the other possible traps:

    - coldStart<br>o linkDown

    - linkUp<br>o authenticationFailure