Unable to Mount Snap ServerShare In UNIX

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    Having trouble mounting a shared directory on the SnapServer from a SCO Unixware 7.1.1 box.  After setting up the UID, IP address, and username, etc. on the SnapServer, the filesystem manager in unix still says it cannot retrieve a list of sharable filesystems from the SnapServer.<br><br><b>


    This information applies to the following Product(s):</b><br>

    - SnapServer 1000<br>-

    SnapServer 1100<br>-

    SnapServer 2000<br>-

    SnapServer 2200<br>-

    SnapServer 4000<br>-

    SnapServer 4100<br>-

    SnapServer 4200<br>-

    SnapServer 4400<br>-

    SnapServer 4500<br>-

    SnapServer 12000<br>-

    Snap Server 14000<br>-

    SnapServer 15000<br>-

    SnapServer 18000<br><br><b>


    This information applies to the following Operating System(s):</b><br>
    - SCO Unixware 7.1.1




    One should be able to mount the SnapServer after specifying the correct NFS entries.<br>NFS on SnapServer uses UID and IP entry associated with a SnapServer Local User for authentication.<br>Using the browser-based Administration Tool, create a local user and assign this user a password on the Snap Server.<br>Next, highlight the user and click on NFS to specify the UID, IP and subnet mask. Lastly, give this user access to a share.<br>Repeat the steps for additional users.<br>The root account on the SnapServer should have a UID 0 entry and this account should have access to the share you wish to mount.<br>Click on help in the administration menu for more details.<br>To mount the SnapServer from the shell: mkdir /mountpoint<br>A sample command to mount the Snap Server is:<br>mount -F nfs /mountpoint