How does an S2Sv2 job treat symbolic links?

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    How does an S2Sv2 job treat symbolic links?

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    - SnapServer 4200

    - SnapServer 4400
    - SnapServer 4500
    - SnapServer 14000
    - SnapServer 15000
    - SnapServer 18000

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    - This information is not Operating System specific


    The 2.0.029 release of S2Sv2 is hard coded to follow symbolic links to directories. The existence of symbolic links to directories on the source may cause an S2Sv2 job to unnecessarily copy the same data many times over. A mirror or copy job will copy all files and subdirectories within a symbolically linked directory. If the symbolic link references a relative path to a parent folder, the amount of data an S2Sv2 job has to copy can significantly increase if there is a good amount of data beneath a linked folder.

    See example below.

    Folder1/symbolic_link_to_Folder1 -> ../Folder1

    The file symbolic_link_to_Folder1 would cause S2Sv2 to loop and copy Folder1 with fileA and fileB many times over.

    To avoid this situation, it is recommended that symbolic links to parent directories be removed in order to ensure an S2Sv2 job does not repeat syncing the same files more than once.