How can I view Netvault binary logs with *.nlg extension?

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    How can I view Netvault binary logs with *.nlg extension?

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    How to view a log dump ( .nlg file )

    Date: 03/2007
    Affected NV Version: All
    OS Version: All
    Plugin version: N/A
    Application version: N/A

    Description: How to view a log that has been dumped to an .nlg file.

    Symptoms: You have an .nlg file, or want to download one attached to your case, and view the contents.


    1. If the file is not in the location it was dumped to, place it in the netvault/logs/dumps/binary directory on the server you connect to with your GUI.

    2. Go to the logs window in the NetVault GUI.

    3. Click on 'options', and select 'logs source'

    4. Double click on the log dump file. (If it is properly selected, it will fill the name in the box above the files list. )

    5. Click on 'ok'

    6. You may need to alter the filter to be able to view the logs. Click on the 'set filter' button in the upper left hand side of the logs window.

    7. Select 'first event' and set warning levels to all, and select apply. If the log is still not visible, it may be necessary to deselect all the clients in the filter.

    8. Click on 'ok'