Backup Task on NetVault Always Showing

Version 1

    How can one correct NetVault so that when the Backup Tasks run, they run completely and successfully instead of stalling at "Running: Waiting for Media" when one is in the Job Log?

    This information applies to the following Product(s):

    - BakBone NetVault

    This information applies to the following Operating System(s):

    - This information is not Operating System specific


    One can try going into the Management Application software under the "Device Management" feature and select "Add Library". Select the existing Library in this menu with the mouse and right-click on that entry and get the pull-down menu to appear.

    Once the pull-down menu has appeared select "Configure" and click on it. This will open the "Configure Device" dialog box.

    Once in the "Configure Device" dialog box, click on the "Performance" tab and go to that menu.

    Once in that menu, click on the field beside "Amount of memory to assign for transfer buffers (Kb). The default is 257. This needs to be increased in size to Base-16 numbers+1 for example, to use the maximum buffer size, this will be 64Mb+1, so the number in this field should be "65537". To use 32Mb+1, this should read "32769", to use the minimum that BakBone recommends, 16Mb+1, enter "16385".

    Once the transfer buffer size has been increased, please re-run the job and monitor the current job status. This should show that the job is running and that the data is actually transferring. After which, verify that the data in the backup job has copied over to the Tape Library through the "Restore" menus in the NetVault Management Application software.

    This fix is not Operating Systems specific and applies to both configurations that have Virtual Tape Libraries Configured as well as configurations with Tape Drives and real Libraries attached.

    Hopefully, this will solve the problem.