Getting SnapServers to function in a combination NetWare/Windows environment

Version 1

    Experiencing unexpected behavior with SnapServers (SnapOS only) on a mixed Windows/NetWare environment.

    This information applies to the following Product(s):

    - SnapServer 1000
    - SnapServer 1100
    - SnapServer 2000
    - SnapServer 2200
    - SnapServer 4000
    - SnapServer 4100
    - SnapServer 12000

    This information applies to the following Operating System(s):

    - Microsoft Windows
    - Novell NetWare


    This behavior is often exhibited on Snap Servers running SnapOS, version 2.1 or before and does not apply to later versions of SnapOS.

    In an environment where clients have both Microsoft Networking and NetWare Networking clients loaded, Network Neighborhood will show two representations for the Snap Server, one as a Microsoft server, and one as a NetWare server. Having two servers with the same name (from Network Neighborhood's prespective) can cause connection problems for the clients. The usual symptoms are a message that the server cannot be located when it is double-clicked, or access denied-type messages at the server, not share, level.

    For any type of unexpected connection difficulty with systems that have multiple network clients loaded, the first troubleshooting step is to give the Snap Server a unique name on the NetWare side. This option exists in the Network Settings > Novell Networking > Advanced screen of the browser-based Administration Tool, or in Assist. Another option for troubleshooting is to disable one of the network types on the Snap Server if the users do not require both types enabled on the SnapServer.