SMART Capabilities on SnapServers

Version 1

    This information applies to the following Operating System(s):

    - This information is not Operating System specific


    The SnapServers do come with a level of SMART capability depending on which version of the SnapOS or GuardianOS is on them.

    For the SnapServers with the SnapOS installed, SMART is automatically enabled so that whenever the SMART-capable Hard-Drives generate and send out these messages, they are written in the System Log for that server.

    For the SnapServers with the GuardianOS installed, SMART is disabled by default. For Guardian OS builds up to 3.2.026, SMART can not be enabled. However, for the 4.x builds of the GuardianOS, there is the "smartctl" utility one can run from SSH to enable SMART capability. To access these commands, please open an SSH session as "root" and then enter "smartctl -h" to get the list of commands, including enabling SMART on this server.