(Error code -43) moving folder within a share on OSX client

Version 1

    While attempting to move a folder within a share in GuardianOS 3.2 and earlier, the following error is displayed.

    The operation cannot be completed because one or more required items cannot be found. (Error code -43).

    This information applies to the following Product(s):

    - SnapServer 4200

    - SnapServer 4400
    - SnapServer 4500
    - SnapServer 14000
    - SnapServer 15000
    - SnapServer 18000

    This information applies to the following Operating System(s):

    - Mac OS X 10.3

    - Mac OS X 10.2
    - Mac OS X 10.1
    - Mac OS X 10.0


    The error occurs when a Macintosh OSX client attempts to move a folder created by a client connected via the Windows sharing protocol. This behavior results from a compatibility issue between OSX and the Apple File Protocol implementation on Guardian OS 3.2 release and below. Note the folder does move successfully despite the error.