NVRAM failed message and NVRAM LED flashing fail in SnapServer 18000

Version 1

    System logs show that NVRAM battery is charging at 99.99 % but the NVRAM has FAILED. Also the NVRAM status LED shows FAILED on the back of the 18000 unit and is flashing amber. The Unit has been powered on for many hours or days for NVRAM battery to charge. In some cases the logs will indicate that the NVRAM battery has charged to 100%

    This information applies to the following Product(s):

    - Snap Server 18000

    This information applies to the following Operating System(s):

    - This information is not Operating System specific


    Even though the battery on the NVRAM is fully charged and the logs are indicating the it is at 99.99 to 100 percent charged the FAILED status will not be updated in the Guardian OS or in the NVRAM LED until the 18000 is rebooted.

    In most cases after REBOOTING the 18000, the Failed error message on the NVRAM will disappear and the correct status of the card will be indicated in the Guardian OS as well as on the NVRAM LED.