Volume is not mounted in the GuardianOS SnapServer

Version 1
    1. 1. Snap Server volume is not mounted after replacing failed drive.
      2. Volume not mounted after system reboots.

      This information applies to the following Product(s):

      - SnapServer 4200

      - SnapServer 4400
      - SnapServer 4500
      - SnapServer 14000
      - SnapServer 15000
      - SnapServer 18000

      This information applies to the following Operating System(s):

      - This information is not Operating System specific


      Access the debug console from the WEBUI using the following link:


      Once you get the command box, type in:

      xfs_repair -L /dev/volgr0/lvol0

      XFS_repair should start and go through several phases for checking the disk. Once it's done, reboot the server and the volume should be mounted. Access the shares to confirm if the volume is mounted.