How to run fsck on SnapOS?

Version 1

    The public file system is corrupt or will not mount. The in lo p -1 log shows fsck error. What can be done to try to repair the file system and get the partition to mount?

    Possible errors and causes:

    fsck error 39: the file system is corrupt and may not be repairable
    fsck error 15: bad magic number the drive may have skipped a cylinder
    fsck error 33: the file system is corrupt and should be repairable
    fsck error 4: a drive has physically failed

    This information applies to the following Product(s):

    - SnapServer 1000

    - SnapServer 1100
    - SnapServer 2000
    - SnapServer 2200
    - SnapServer 4000
    - SnapServer 4100
    - SnapServer 12000


    You can try to run the fix fatal command to repair the file system.

    From the debug console (

    type co dev fsck \"xxxxx\" /fix /fixfatal

    The xxxxx is replaced with the identity of the logical device that should be checked. i.e. 60000 for the first array on the Snap server. You can use the in dev command to confirm the logical device that needs to be repaired.

    When the proper syntax is displayed in the command prompt, click on OK to schedule an fsck fix fatal on the next reboot. Use the administrative console to restart the server (server settings/server restart). The file system check will begin automatically on restart.

    This command should be run 3 times consecutively.